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Siberian Cold Scale

In response to Anu's AWAD - bight, Viktor Trukov (viktortrukovATg....com) has provided a vivid description of Siberian weather.

It goes somewhat like this:

In Central Siberia (Divnogorsk city, 30 thousand people), Russia, where I grew up, we have a "slightly" different perception of cold. Also we never added wind chill factor, only saying "with wind, or "without wind". We loved winter as much as other seasons, waiting anxiously for the first snow to fall. In addition to regular winter activities, one of the fun things to do was to build snow houses, making tunnels in deep snow and jumping into the snow from roofs.

So, our Siberian cold scale would look like this:

-5C / 23F = considered very warm, comfortable winter temperature. Nobody would put on two pairs or sets of any clothing to play outside for hours.

-10C / 14F = warm, comfortable, still not warranting double layers of clothing. No restriction on time to play outside, except for completion of school homework.

-15C / 5F = cool, some scared souls might put double layers, most mothers would pressure kids to put on more clothes.

-20C / -4F = chilly, most kids go play outside double-layered.

-30C / -22F = cold ('moroz' in Russian), kids go outside double- and triple-layered, and play only for short time, go home to warm up only when absolutely necessary (it's dangerous - mothers might not allow you to go out and play again.

-40C / -40F = very cold (strong 'moroz'), very few kids allowed by mothers to go play outside, multi-layered, but you haven't many partners to play with... School gets cancelled, but half of the kids will show up anyway and will have fun on a school day.

-50C / -58F = ... Relax, I never had it :-) Never had it below -43C, on which day, being an adult already, I set my personal record by jumping and rolling over in the snow, bare naked, after a sauna.

No level of cold prevented us from regular activities - movies, sport, visits, etc. Ah, a beautiful time!

I am feeling cold already!


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