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X- 92.67% XII: 74%

BTech IIT Kanpur: 6.5 .... lots and lots of Ds CAT: QA - 98.xx DI 99.xx VA 89.xx Overall 99.34

The title for the GD was: For the success of a Team there should be accountability for expertise

The GD was peaceful.. same points going round but round with different examples. I came in 4-5 times. We discussed the Indian cricket team, rafting, Indian army software teams, various sectors and blah blah.

I was the last one in the arrangement so had to wait till 4:45 pm for the interview. The panel consisted of two members - a nice lady(L) and a nice Sir(S). M is me.

M: Can I come in please:
L/S: Yes please and have a seat.
S: Would you like to have something?
M: No thank you.
S: Can I have a look at your certifcate folder?
M: Yes sure < and I pass the folder over to him>
L: Tell us about yourself.
M: blah,blah
L: So where do you work and what are your responsibilities
M: blah.. I m in supply chain mgmt
L: Name other major player in the field
L: Name companies which are into logistics
M: UPS,DHL etc etc
L: Name a company which has effectively used supply chain management
M: Walmart
L: How does it manage to do it?
M: cutting costs, large no of order, dictating terms to companies
S: No there is a specific term for that
M: I dont know sir
S: What management lessons can you learn from religious scriptures
M: ethics, helping others
S: Do you know any company which is ethical?
M: I dont know sir
S: Then how can you say that?
L: Some maths question
M: < a blank face>
L: You havent studied linear programming
M: No Maam
S: (Has a look at my Maths grades at college.. a series of D's) Then what is this Maths I, Maths II etc.. Anyways forget it how can you use probability in supply chain management
M: For predicting the demand
S: And how will you do that?
M: We will have a look at previous years demands and various economic factors.
S: Then?
M: Try to fit a curve to it.
S: So if you have a curve which is a straight line you will say that it will increase further.
M: No sir, other macroeconomic factors will come into picture.
S: How
M: I dont know sir
S: Do you know about green revolution?
M: blah blah
S: When was it started?
M: 1970's
S: 71, 72,73....
M: I dont know the exact year/
S: Who started it?
M: got started in Mexico and then came to India. Some scientist in India
S: Name 5 seed producing companies in INdia.
M: Monsanato?
S: You are from Punjab.. you should know that!
M: But I dont know sir.
L: Do you know about white revolution?
M: blah blah
L: Who started it?
M: Dr Kurein
S: Name 5 Tata companies:
M: TCS, Tata Steel, Tata Motors, Taj Group.
S: What does Tata Motors do?
M: Vehicles
S: What was it earlier known as?
M: I dont know sir
L: You have watching movies as an interest
S: Does he?
M: No, Infact I dont follow them
S: Doesnt matter.. You have seen Lagaan?
M: Yes
S: What managerial lessons can you derive from the movie?
M: blah blah
S: Name any two Birla companies
M: Hindalco and Noveliis
S: But that has been acquired by Hindalco only
M: Birla Cement
S: Ok, Thank you.
M: Thank you.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

dude.... did your resume have insane trivia as an interest or what :)

8:21 AM  
Blogger Jodhbir Singh said...

Lolz no. I am not sure why they asked such arbit question.
Btw, I was able to convert my call :)

7:35 PM  

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