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Public Gyan!

I would be thankful if any of the Public Gyan members could spare me an invite!

Though I very well know that the probability of a PG member reading this small blog is extremely low, but then you never know what could happen in the ever shrinking world.
Please mail me at jodhbir[.AT.]gmai[.]com if you wish to send me one.

Ed: I have received an invit thanks to Reuben.
Now something about Public Gyan(from the site itself) -

Public Gyan is an online prediction futures market. It uses the power of markets to predict real-life outcomes.
To get an idea of what this is all about, please read this article on futures markets by James Surowiecki. A brief introduction to prediction markets may be found on Wikipedia.
~ PublicGyan is mentioned in Oct 24, 2005 issue of TIME magazine cover story (International Edition)! ~


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