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UNSC expansion

A couple of months back hectic activity could be seen at the foreign affairs offices of India and Japan along with a couple of other countries. These two were the front runners for getting a permanent Security Council seat. Both these countries have a clean track record at UN and sufficient reasons for inclusion in SC - India, one of the fastest growing economies, is home to over 1 billion people and Japan is the one of the largest UN aid donors. But unfortunately both of them have neighbours who are more than just enemies.

India is in a somewhat better position as Pakistan doesn't have a strong lobby, it is more like a puppet in US or China's hands. For Japan the problems are compounded by the fact that China considers a permanent seat for Japan as being equivalent to the growing US influence. No wonder there were strong protests(?) in China against Japan's candidature. But with CCP yielding an iron hand over journalism in China, no one knows for sure whether the protest were actually there or were they dramatized just to grab attention of world media.


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